Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park Portland

Owner- Portland Development Commission
Architect- Thompson, Vaivoda # Associates Architects, Inc.
General Contractor- Brown Contracting, Inc.
98 W. Front Avenue
Portland, OR  97204
One of Downtown Portland’s most visited attractions is the Saturday market at Waterfront Park. Lacey Glass installed the massive canopy that covers the retail space. Over 1 million visitors a year walk beneath the two 88ft x 10ft structurally glazed skylights, as well as the 130ft x 4ft canopy extensions. 
Mailing Address & Retail Showroom
1210 Homann Drive SE 
Lacey, WA 98513
Physical Address (Commercial)
8401 30th Ave NE

Lacey, WA 98516


Phone- 360-459-8411
Fax- 360-438-9401

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