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There are so many considerations when designing a building; Including Daylighting design in early stages of development can be immensely beneficial. Thoughtfully planned daylighting can lower the mechanical load to HVAC systems, reduce solar heat gain, eliminate glare and optimize lighting levels to achieve numerous health, social and productivity benefits. 
Lacey Glass proudly contributes to many design build projects and provides expert advice gained from over 40 years of industry experience. Utilizing Lacey Glass from initial design stages guarantees a successful and seamless integration of daylighting into your project.

Envision your space with Daylight models and renderings

Lacey Glass has long term partnerships with University of Washington, and University of Oregon, Lighting Labs. Both labs specialize in creating models and renderings that depict light levels based on geographical location, season, time of day, and many other variables. 
By utilizing daylight models in the early stages of your design process, you can accurately predict hotspots and glare, anticipate HVAC loads and solar heat gain and make necessary design changes and avoid costly change orders or poor occupant satisfaction. Lacey Glass offers consultation and modeling services on every project regardless of size.

On-Site drafting for in the moment project solutions

The reality of construction is that changes are often made, and contractors like Lacey Glass need to be flexible and react quickly. By utilizing on-site drafting, our team is able to respond to changes in real-time. 
Our expert drafting team creates AUTOCAD drawings as well as 3-D renderings for all of our projects. These drawings are frequently used to provide design assistance as well as to troubleshoot onsite variances. Lacey Glass’s ability to conduct on-site drafting greatly increases efficiency and streamlines our processes for ensuring each and every project is completed beyond satisfaction.
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