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Lacey Glass has paved their way in an extremely competitive industry by targeting niche and cutting-edge products and applications. Rather than devoting resources to simply selling their clients a specific product, Lacey Glass has always focused on providing products that meet the wide array of needs that any given project may have. The LG team boasts 150 years of combined experience, and Phil Zeutenhorst – Founder and President, alone has more than 40 years of expertise.

Using this experience, and unique ideology to provide for clients, Phil has gained a passion for educating industry professionals on the many ways that natural daylighting can be utilized to change the way the industry views lighting design. By prioritizing natural daylighting in early design stages, buildings can be built to be more efficient, have higher occupant satisfaction and provide numerous social, health and economic benefits to both owners, leaseholders and space end-users. 

Booking Your Lunch and Learn Session

In an effort to educate other industry professionals, Phil provides a variety of training’s and presentations. These training’s are targeted towards building designers, owners, architects and similar professions who have extensive knowledge in whole-building design but may be yearning for further information on natural daylighting, integration and up-and-coming technologies.

Each presentation has been accredited by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and participants for eligible for one CEU upon completion. The majority of these courses are presented in a “Lunch-and-Learn” format. They are tailored to an hour time-frame including time for questions and answers and can be scheduled to include lunch or refreshments provided by the presenter. Phil also conducts these courses in larger formats at industry conventions as breakout sessions or as a featured speaker. To schedule your educational event please contact

Daylighting 101 – An Introduction to Daylighting Basics

Daylighting 101 is built as an introduction to natural daylighting. Beginning with basic science of vision, light and glare, it progresses through the numerous social, health and economic benefits of natural light. Phil outlines the full spectrum of glazing products available in today’s market and provides tools such as his principle guidelines for utilizing proper daylighting. A key component of this course is time built in for discussion on the importance of using electric light to supplement versus electrical lighting as a primary source.


As an AIA accredited course, this presentation meets the following learning objectives:


  • Attendees will develop knowledge of potential products and possible solutions for complicated or complex Daylighting projects
  • Attendees will use the knowledge gained in this course to incorporate proper daylighting into future designs
  • Attendees will understand the importance of making Daylighting a priority from the first steps of design, through the completion and use of the building
  • Attendees will distinguish the difference between daylighting and lighting

Dynamic Design – Utilizing Dynamic Daylighting Systems

As a continuation of Daylighting 101, our Dynamic Design presentation includes a refresher of information then further expands into the complexities of daylighting design. Dynamic Daylighting systems are designed to seamlessly integrate natural and artificial light; Lacey Glass is continuously expanding its product lines to include these newly emerging technologies. This course dives deeper into various daylight model and rendering technologies and how they can be utilized to maximize efficiency and savings. Professionals with experience in glazing and lighting design would benefit from this presentation without having attended Daylighting 101.


As an AIA accredited course, this presentation meets the following learning objectives:


  • Attendees will be able to identify and select between a vast array of daylighting products and systems to decide which would work best in a given application.
  • Attendees will continue to make daylighting a priority in the design process outside of this presentation by following the guidelines we introduce.
  • Attendees will have increased knowledge of the benefits of a naturally day-lit space. This includes the social, health, and economic benefits associated with natural light.
  • Attendees will have increased knowledge of tools such as daylight modeling software and programmable dynamic systems that allow for lighting to be optimized and automated from beginning design stages.

Cutting Edge Technology

Lacey Glass will periodically conduct accredited presentations, and host events that are more specifically tailored to introducing new innovative products entering the market. Different from other Lacey Glass courses which prioritize building need and include varieties of products, cutting edge technology courses are aimed to educate participants on the potential of emerging technology to inspire professions to look beyond conventional glazing materials. To be notified of upcoming presentations, subscribe to our newsletter.
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