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Our expert staff will guide you and your client seamlessly through the process.

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With over 150 years combined experience.

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Lacey Glass has the skills and creativity to get the job done right.

Innovations in Daylighting Design

Our expert staff will guide you and your client seamlessly through the process of product selection, budgeting, detailing and specifying the proper systems for your unique project.
We do not pitch any particular product over others, but instead promote the idea that every project and space is individual, and we help to ensure the products we use achieve the ideal lighting levels for the space and use. Lacey Glass will facilitate an integrated design process from early planning stages to completion of project. 
We have on-site drafting capabilities to create shop-drawings and CAD files. Additionally, we have partnered with the University of Washington, and University of Oregon Lighting labs to provide lighting analysis, daylight modeling and visualization, computer simulation, and documentation of daylighting LED credits.

Superior Products

Lacey Glass has the largest selection of glass and glazing products in the Pacific North West. While our competition limits themselves by either providing only a particular product, or by sticking to a specific application, at Lacey Glass, we specialize in natural daylighting and provide a wide array of products and tend to be more creative, high end, or visual.
We furnish and install – Translucent systems including Translucent FRP and Polycarbonate, Clear and Specialty Glass, Custom and Prefabricated Unit Skylights, Storefront and Curtainwall, and Dynamic Daylighting systems. We own our own custom manufacturing company Skyworks Daylighting; If we don’t already carry a system that fits your needs, we will build one!
We are licensed to install in Washington, Oregon and Idaho, and will ship our products nationwide.

Expert Installations

With over 150 years combined experience, Lacey Glass’s expert crew provides quality installations that withstand the test of time. Projects are warrantied against leaks and other failures, so Architects, Owners, and Tenants never need to worry about the integrity of a product when Lacey Glass is on the job. 

No matter how complex an installation may be, Lacey Glass has the skills and creativity to get the job done right. We support and actively problem solve with the clients we serve, and strive to maintain our 100% satisfaction so that General Contractors and Architects continue to choose us. We are recognized annually by Associated General Contractors (AGC) for our crews’ safety on-site and we have experience using lifts of all shapes and sizes, custom-engineered cantilevers, and even helicopters to meet the needs of your unique project.

Why Choose Us

Lacey Glass has been serving satisfied customers since 1980. We have a carefully selected staff of Union Glaziers and Sheet Metal workers, Estimators, Project Managers, and Administrative staff to ensure a seamless process from beginning to end. Our extensive Portfolio and Design Capabilities demonstrate that we are more qualified than our competitors to complete your glazing project. 


Expert Staff


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40 Successful years in Business


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Education Opportunities

Brandon & Dustin have been the most professional, efficient & informative glass crew I have ever had the pleasure to work with. They make my day easy. I appreciate both of them & Lacey Glass for “making this happen”. I look forward to working with Lacey Glass again in the future.


Buffalo Construction, Inc.

I would like to say thank you to Lacey Glass for the input on our skylights at our new office. I love them and I'm glad you talked me out of clear glass. It would have been a disaster!


Kirtley Cole General Contractors

It has been my pleasure to work with Lacey Glass on a few of my projects as superintendent with Pease Construction. Lacey Glass is a great, reputable company and I would recommend them to anyone that should ask for a reference. Lacey Glass performs excellent workmanship


Pease Construction

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best glazing product?

Every project is unique, selecting the best product depends on numerous factors including location, building orientation, and intended occupancy/use. Our design team [link to design page] is here to help using daylight modeling and product testing to find the ideal product for every space


What services does Lacey Glass, Inc. provide?

Lacey Glass primarily provides services as a subcontractor, furnishing and installing the PNW’s largest selection of glazing solutions. In addition, our teams provide design and consultation services, as well as educational courses for industry professionals to share the wealth of knowledge about innovative daylighting solutions.


Lacey is not a well known, urban area. Where does Lacey Glass travel to?

The majority of Lacey Glass projects are along the I-5 corridor between British Columbia and Southern Oregon, with most in the greater Seattle and Portland metro areas. We are currently licensed to contract in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.


What products does Lacey Glass provide and what suppliers do they source from?

The products we provide at Lacey Glass are ever changing as we continuously strive to be on top of technological advances in the glazing industry. A list of of our current primary suppliers can be found on this page.

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