Design Assistance and Budgeting

Lacey Glass, Inc. has been furnishing and installing fenestration and glazing systems for over 30 years. Our staff can guide you and your client through the process of product selection, budgeting, detailing and specifying the proper systems for your unique and particular project.

Daylighting Design Assistance

Cost effective daylighting starts with using the natural available sunlight to significantly and effectively reduce the dependence on electrical lighting and HVAC load associated with it. Making the right decisions about site and building orientation at the outset is important for the success of any daylighting and energy saving design. We can provide an integrated design process from early planning stages to completion of project. We can assist you with the selection of glazing materials and lighting control systems. We partner with one of several design labs to provide analysis, daylight modeling and visualization, computer simulation, and documentation of daylighting credits.

Leeds Credit Assistance

Our staff can assist with procuring locally produced materials, daylighting credits, and use of recycled content. CSI and AIA Continuing Education Credits Ask us about our Box Lunch presentations. Cost effective